Message from 17-18 Lead Peer Mentors > Qualtrics survey in your inbox soon!

Hello students! This message is from the 2017-2018 Lead Peer Mentors here in Humanities and Social Sciences.  We are writing to tell you about an opportunity you’ll have very soon to give feedback about peer mentoring in your program. Peer mentoring is broadly defined – it’s everything from a fellow student giving you feedback on your research to those times when you just have conversations that offer you support and a pick-me-up. Our group wants to better understand what peer mentoring looks like for you and in what ways programs can foster peer mentoring that meets your needs.
As the semester as in its final weeks, we certainly know time is limited. Our team is right there with you counting the days! To respect your schedules, we have developed a 15-minute online survey that will be sent to you by email in the next couple days. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. After all, we need to hear from our peers (that’s you!) about how mentoring and support systems can be improved.
Please be on the lookout for the survey coming from Qualtrics. And thank you for all you do already to support each other!
Your Lead Peer Mentor Team
Chen Chen (Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media)
Kendra Andrews (Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media)
Michael Geden (Psychology)
Christine Brugh (Psychology)
Kate Albrecht (Public Administration)
Sapna Varkey (Public Administration)

Kathryn Schinabeck (Public History)

Kawan Allen (Public History)
Pete Knepper (Sociology)
Laura Bray (Sociology)

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