CFP for medical rhetoric roundtable panel at CCCC 2019

Medical Rhetoric CCCC 2019 Roundtable CFP

Roundtable Objective

The roundtable aims to foster interactive discussions between and around these issues and among presenters and the audience. To this end, we invite individual proposals for modified ignite (5-minute) presentations where participants provide an overview of their primary research and then conclude with a research-related question they will pose to the audience to foster discussion. Once all presenters have finished speaking, attendees will break into small groups to discuss the questions/topics presented.


Performing Rhetoric and Performative Rhetorics of Health and Medicine

Next year’s theme for the Cs–Performance-Rhetoric, Performance-Composition–presents the opportunity to explore the ways that the rhetorics of health and medicine get enacted in different contexts, for different audiences, and through different modalities (e.g., verbal and language-based, aural, tactile, visual, technological, and/or digital–to give a few examples).


To explore these ideas in more detail, you might consider the following:

  • How are the rhetorics of health and medicine “performed” and/or how are they performative in particular scenarios? How do these performances inform, reflect, attend to, and/or restrict embodied experiences? How might these areas potentially overlap? 
  • What methodologies, theories, and/or practices enable or restrict/constrain particular kinds of performances and performativity? How are these affected and/or enacted through race, class, gender, age, and ableism, for instance? 
  • What are the ethical considerations for particular kinds of performances? And what are our responsibilities?
  • How is collaboration (both intra and interdisciplinary) shaped by particular kinds of performativity?
  • In what ways are we–as teachers, scholars, practitioners–performing the rhetoric of health and medicine, and what should our responsibilities be? What aspects of our performance seem to be working thus far, and what changes do we want to make?
  • What performances are shaping theory and/or practice in our field? What performances–if any–have been defining? What performances–if any–should be challenged? And what might this mean moving forward?


Please submit a 250-word proposals to by Monday, April 23, 2019. In your proposal, note the following:

  • The topic/focus of your proposed presentation
  • How you will address the theme of Performing Rhetoric and Performative Rhetorics of Health and Medicine
  • The final question you will use to engage the audience in a conversation at the end of the presentation

Responses will be sent out before the CCCC deadline of May 7, 2018.


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