Dear CRDM students,

Now that spring finally seems to be upon us, I hope you’re enjoying the longer days! I’m writing to let you know about the graduate courses we’ll be offering in the Department of Communication for the Fall 2018 semester (see attached PDF). Course descriptions are available here:

Most of our courses will be offered at both the 500- and 700-levels. The Ph.D. level courses (700 level) will require some additional work (readings, assignments, or scope of papers), but my understanding is that you can receive credit towards the Ph.D. degree for either option.

You should be able to freely enroll in Department of Communication courses as long as there are seats available. If the course has no more seats left, you can request permission from the instructor to enroll via email. Once you have received permission, forward the email message along with your name and student ID number to the Graduate Services Coordinator in the Department of Communication, Ms. Maya Stephenson ( Maya will be able to enroll you once the previous steps have been followed.

Please note that both COM 540 and COM 561 fulfill requirements for the M.S. in Communication degree. As a result, we restrict enrollment in these courses until all of our incoming students are registered. If you’d like to enroll in either of these classes, follow the procedure above (email instructor then email Maya) and you will be placed on an internal waiting list. You will be notified when you are added to the class or if the number of seats runs out.

Let me know if you have any questions about the courses. 


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