Schedule for CRDM core/required courses this fall, 2018

Dear All,

Here are the days/times and instructors for all CRD core and required courses this fall, 2018. Please be sure that your TA schedules and courses in which you plan to enroll do not conflict with your core/required courses. Program coordinators for ENG 101, ENG 33x, STS, COM 110, and COM 200+ have this schedule, but it’s your responsibility to ensure that scheduling conflicts are brought to the attention of the coordinators (and resolved).
1st year/incoming CRDM students:
701: Thursday 6-8.50p – Grant Bolmer (COM)
702: Wednesday 1:30-4:15 – Helen Burgess (ENG)
2nd year CRDM students:
704: Monday,  1:30 to 4:15 – Nicholas Taylor (COM)
1st – 3rd year CRDM students:
809: Wednesday 4:30-5:45 – Helen Burgess (ENG) 
Email Jeff Leonard, Dr, Taylor, or Dr. Rieder with any questions.

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