ENG 798 Intercultural Professional and Technical Communication

Are you interested in the following questions?

  • How do institutions, organizations, professionals, and ordinary citizens communicate across cultures about risks, health, and science technologies?
  • How do information technologies transform such communication practices?
  • What are the latest trends and best practices of global professional, business, and technical communication?
  • How to design and conduct research on IPTC? 

If so, ENG 798 may be the class for you! 

Topics covered:

  • Comparative and contrastive rhetoric 
  • World Englishes & L2 Writing
  • Simplified/controlled English
  • Globalization and its impacts
  • World risk society and risk communication
  • Internationalization and location
  • Virtual teams, translation
  • Web accessibility and compliance issues
  • Cross-cultural design and global UX
  • Global content strategy

Hands-on workshops, real-world case studies, and research projects 

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