COM528/COM798 Communication, Culture & Technology Tuesdays 10:15-1pm Spring 2018

CRDM students:

This is a reminder that Dr. Sarah Stein is teaching this seminar again this spring, one that has been taken by a good number of phd students thus far from both the COM and the ENG foci. A good number of CRDM students have developed their dissertation subjects out the research they completed for this seminar.
We explore the relationship of culture and technology through the lens of cultural studies, and proceed through contemporary problematics involving privacy and surveillance, genetic engineering and nanotechnology, information and social media, posthumanism, the body and vital materialism, issues in gaming, intellectual property and copyright, and more. 
Talk to some of your phd colleagues who’ve taken the course to see if it sounds right for you. It’s  highly participatory and interactive, including some Jazzercise routines that Dr. Stein is compelled at times to bring in to get us out of our heads and back into our bodies 🙂
COM798 is the course number to enroll if you are a CRDM student.

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