Reminder: Student Annual Assessment

This is just a reminder that the student annual assessment is due on MONDAY, May 15.

For more information, please see below:

Each year, the CRDM program asks all active students to report their progress towards the degree, teaching and research performance, and professional development over the past academic year to their advisor. The assessment report is the basis for determining how students are progressing in the program and their assistantship eligibility.
Student progress is tracked on a google document, shared with the student, advisor, and DGP. This will make it easier for students to complete sections of the google document, and to track their progress from year to year in the program. 
Students: Student should complete the information on the document, according to the year they are in the program, then schedule a meeting with their advisor to review progress.
Advisors: Advisors will give an assessment rating (excellent, good, needs improvement) for degree milestones, professional development, and assistanship work (if applicable). The advisor will also write a brief summary of the student’s progress over the past year.
The report and overall summary will be reviewed by the DGP.
Your checklist is also a google spreadsheet and shared with your advisor to better track your progress through the program.
Jeff will be sharing the student assessment file via google docs with all students shortly.
All students are required to meet with their advisor and complete their assessment report by MAY 15, 2016.

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