2017 CRDM Symposium

The 2017 CRDM Symposium is scheduled for March 23-25, 2017 (Click here for more info)

“This book looks to scratch, to interrupt, to play a while in the grooves of two records–disciplinary conversations about African-American rhetoric and those about multimedia writing. To begin to blend and loop them while posing one question: how can African American rhetorical traditions and practices inform composition’s current endeavors to define, theorize, and practice multimedia writing?” (Digital Griots, 2011).

In the same way that Banks interrupts disciplinary conversations about African American rhetoric and multimedia writing in Digital Griots, we hope this symposium creates a space to interrupt, problematize, and theorize about intersectional identities, multimodal expressions, and rhetorical traditions. Particularly we are curious how the current sociopolitical landscape affects, shifts, shapes, or composes our understanding of gender, race, class, communication, and associated rhetorics.

The 2017 CRDM Symposium seeks both student and faculty contributions of papers, presentations, creative work, and digital projects in a wide range of formats and from various disciplines following the theme of “the remix.” While the concept of “remix” has a history in popular culture, it also exists as a way of thinking more generally about how new objects and processes come into being through remediation or juxtaposition. Remix, in this sense, might apply to any interruption or remediation of the materials (media), ideas, and identities within academia or the larger society. What kind of research or praxis should we be doing to address these changes? How will we be remixing what we do in academia? How are we remixing the intersectional spaces we occupy? What does the remix mean for critical and communication theory?


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