CFP to teach sections of ENG 395

Do you have an idea for a course that you would like to teach as a special topics offering? If so, please consider sending a proposal to offer your course as a section of ENG 395, “Studies in Rhetoric and Digital Media.” 
Catalogue description: “Study of the influence of emerging technologies on rhetorical theory and practice. Rhetorical analysis of texts, including visual and audio texts. Invention and construction of digital media texts as a means of engaging rhetorical theory and analysis. Topics vary to adapt to emerging technologies and changing vernacular practices.”
In your proposal, please include a full syllabus that outlines a course description, learning outcomes, assignments, readings, and a full schedule. Please also include a cover letter in which you explain why the course would be appropriate for undergraduate English majors who are in the Language Writing and Rhetoric concentration. Many of those students are pursuing study in rhetoric, journalism, technical communication, and professional communication.
All proposals will be reviewed by a panel of three CRDM faculty, who will nominate one course for Fall 2018 and one for Spring 2019. We will select both classes from among any proposals submitted by December 4th at 5:00 pm.

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